Department of Electrical and Biological Physics

The Department of Electrobiophysics is aimed at applying biology in advanced electronic technologies and biotechnologies on the basis of physics. The curriculum consists of basic theories and concepts of mechanics, electromagnetics, quantum mechanics and biology as well as applied physics and biology fields such as semiconductor, plasma, microwave engineering, display, solar battery and biotechnology. The Department offers experiment-focused education on advanced topics such as electrons and computational physics and, the graduate students participate in labs that conduct research in semiconductor, displays (LCD, OLED, PDP), solar battery, plasma physics, bio-plasma and focused ion beam.

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Course Descriptions

Advanced Physics Experiments

This course covers plasma display panel, high power electron beam, focused ion beam physics and applications.

Solid State Physics

This course covers solid state crystal structure, X-ray diffraction, matter boundary force, lattice vibration and material thermal properties with phonon, Bloch theory and periodic array, energy band, conductor, semiconductor, insulator, electrical properties of matter, superconductivity, dielectric and ferro-electric material, magnetic properties.


This course covers classical wave optics and quantum optics, interference and diffraction scattering, dispersion, modern wave optics, holography physics.

Digital Electronics

This course covers binary and decimal number, decimal to binary conversion, hexa decimal number, binary coded decimal system, number system, logic gate and coding, logic circuit design, combinational logic circuits, binary counter, register circuits and their applications.

Digital Electronics Experiments

This course covers digital electronics experiment in accordance with digital electronics.

Physical Electronics

This course covers family IV semiconductor like Si, electrical and properties of semiconductor, device applications based on basic concepts, crystal structure and growing, quantum mechanical basic concepts, energy band, charge carrier in semiconductor, electron and holes, drift and diffusion.

Semiconductor Physics

This course covers crystal structures, band structures, fermi surface, surface effect, harmonic crystal, homogeneous semiconductor, inhomogeneous semiconductor, diamagnetism and paramagnetism, superconductivity.

Quantum Mechanics

This course covers Schrodinger wave equation, one dimensional potential problem, operator method, hydrogen atom, electron-electromagnetic wave interaction, spin, angular momentum, time-independent, perturbation theory, Zeeman effect, Stark effect, radiation of atom and matter, absorption of matter.

Thermal and Statistical Physics

This course covers thermodynamics basic concepts, equation of state for gas, thermodynamic 1st, 2nd, 3rd law, entrophy, thermodynamic potential, phase transition, low temperature physics, gas kinetics, molecular interaction, transport, electron gas.

Classical Mechanics

This course covers fundamental mechanism of mechanics, mathematical language for physics phenomena, Newton mechanics, mass particle and its system, vector analysis, gravity, rigid body, Lagrange equation of motion, Hamiltonian equation of motion.


This course covers principles of semiconductor, diode and transistor characteristics, circuit theory and its applications for basic electronics.

Electronic Experiments

This course covers AC, DC experiments, diode rectification circuit, SCR switching circuit, TR amplification circuit, class A, B, C power amplification circuit, OP amplification and operation circuit, function and oscillation circuit's structure and application.

Computational physics

This course covers numerical method for electromagnetism, mechanics, electronics, L-R-C circuits, damped harmonic oscillator, driven force oscillator, and chaos.


This course covers electrostatics, Gauss law, dielectrics, mechanics, electronics, magneto statics, Ampere's law, magnetic materials, Maxwell equations, electromagnetic wave, Faraday's law, charged particle motion, electromagnetic wave.

Microwave Physics

This course covers microwave production, propagation, and applications.

Modern Physics

This course covers basic concepts of modern physics, relativistic theory, wave mechanics, quantum mechanics, solid state physics, statistical physics.

Modern Physics Experiments

This course covers modern physics nuclear physics, solid state physics, optics experiments for students.

Elementary Mechanics

This course covers Vector analysis, law of Newton's motion, energy & work and potential theory.

Special Topics Course

This course covers updated topics concerning physical and engineering issues.

Applied Physics Outline

This course covers electro-optical characteristics of semiconductor.