Division of Robotics(Information Control, Intelligence System)

The Division of Robotics encourages its students to “develop creativity through balanced acquisition of hardware and software knowledge”. To this end, the Division operates on a system called ‘Quad System’ which promotes balanced learning of English, mathematics, major theories and practical courses. Through this system, the Division aims to offer knowledge more effectively and systematically, and ultimately produce globally competitive engineers, engineers who can work in diverse fields and skilled professionals who can lead the robotics industry and contribute to the national development. Kwangwoon University’s Division of Robotics also conducts research on various robotics areas, convergence IT and other relevant advanced technologies.

Location : Rm.321, Nuri Hall

Tel : 82-2-940-5150

Website : http://cni.kw.ac.kr/

Educational Objectives

The Division of Robotics is aimed at producing creative and skilled engineers who can lead the globalized, informational and industrialized 21st century of ours. There engineers must also be wholesome social members who can contribute to the betterment of our society and humanity, experts who continuously pursue innovation and global individuals that can actively participate in the global community.

The Division of Robotics have developed the following educational objectives to produce such individuals,
1. To produce creative engineer equipped with comprehensive knowledge in robotics engineering and practical skills that can be applied in the field
2. To produce wholesome social members that can take responsibilities, meet social demands and contribute to the betterment of our humanity
3. To produce global individuals that can adopt and adapt to studies and technologies developed in our globalized and internationalized society 4. To produce refined individuals who are ethical and social responsible

Majors and Studies

The Division of Robotics aims to produce skilled researchers and engineers who can lead advanced sciences and contribute to the development of cutting-edge industries.

The Division adopted the ABEEK (Accreditation Board for Engineering Education in Korea) system in 2002 and joined the Samsung Electronics Information and Communications Track in 2005. Kwangwoon University’s Division of Robotics is also the home of the robotics game team, ‘ROBIT’.

Information control engineering is an integrated discipline that carries out research in computer, electricity, electronics, telecommunications, control and robotics and, can be applied to various industrial fields. In order to offer an effective education in this highly-integrated field of study, the Division of Robotics offers a program divided into two advanced tracks (Information and Computer Track, Control and Robotics Track).

In the Information and Computer Track, the students learn basic concepts and application of electricity, electronics, communications and computer engineering and, in the Control and Robotics Track, the students learn basic concepts and application of electricity, control, computation and robotic engineering. Until their 2nd year, the students must complete basic mathematic courses on engineering mathematics, probability and statistics, basic computer science courses on C programming and advanced C programming and, introductory major courses on kinetics, circuit theory, electromagnetics and digital engineering. In their 3rd yea, the students decide which advanced track they will take. The Information and Computer Track offers courses on communication theories, computer structure, embedded system, computer network and data communications and, the Control and Robotics Track offers courses on sensor engineering, instrumentation engineering, robotics engineering, digital control and actuators.