Welcome Message

In the era of 4th Industrial Revolution Kwangwoon University will open the Way!

In 1934, Dr. Cho, Kwangwoon (Professional Name: Hwado) founded Chosun Radio Technical Institute with pioneering insight. He believed the electronics will lead the future industry and our nation's independence will depend on education and practical training of our people. Thousands of Chosun Radio Technical Institute graduates built South Korea's infrastructure in electronics and electronics communication industry. At our founding and it continues to this day Dr. Cho's founding principles remains at the heart of every Kwangwoon family: "Be diligent at all work," "Pursue economy at all behavior" and "Seek to self-motivate at work".

For the past 84 years, Kwangwoon University has led South Korea's Wireless-Communication and Electronics industries. Our alumni and faculty have distinguished themselves in both science and humanities. With our students, we are meeting the challenges of the 21st century.

We have embarked on an ambitious agenda and positioned ourselves as a "Glocal (Global + Local) Multi-University."  We will continuously dedicate ourselves to building a collaborative university community, discovering knowledge and to educating leaders.  Trust among all members and communication at all levels of university will guide us to reach our goal to become a Glocal Multi-University.  And last but not least, we will expand our knowledge and talents for the betterment of the world.

On behalf of the entire university leadership, I cordially ask for your encouragement and participation to lift Kwangwoon up to the next level and for our brighter future.

Jisang Yoo, Ph.D.

President of Kwangwoon University