President 's Message

Kwangwoon University :A Canvas of Software/AI‘s Tomorrow

Welcome to the Kwangwoon University website.

Founded in 1934 during the Japanese colonial period, Kwangwoon University follows the noble ambition of our founder. Mr. Jo Kwang-woon. Our founder believed in and understood the importance of the education of natural science and technology, and fostering talented individuals for the future. Kwangwoon Academy, which began as a mere engineering school, has grown alongside with the development of electronics engineering in Korea. This year marks the significant milestone of our 90th anniversary.

The butterfly effect, the idea that small actions can lead to extraordinary results, is our belief that such microscopic actions could shift the world and create miracles. And I believe we, as members of Kwangwoon University, have the spirit and competence to write a new chapter in this school as well as for the world's history as the first of many in the butterfly effect. In an era of declining student populations and intense international competition, Kwangwoon University strives to embody the spirit of the butterfly effect by providing education that cultivates integrity and diligence as part of our founding philosophy and educational ideals.

In today's era, a university's competitiveness will be proven via its competitiveness in software development, including ICT, robotics, and artificial intelligence, a field that Kwangwoon University has continuously proven to be the vanguard of.

Kwangwoon University is an environment, a place, an open map where students awaken their inherent potential and soul, the staff creates opportunities for new motivations, and professors become the compass of our tomorrow through innovative research and passion. We invite you to join us in meaningful companionship as we embark on a new 100 years together under the motto "Together Kwangwoon." Kwangwoon University, the home of creativity, communication, and innovation, will stand by with you firmly until you can truly fulfill your aspirations not just by yourself, but in cohesion with the world we live in.

Jangho Chun, Ph.D.

President of Kwangwoon University