Kwangwoon at a Glance

College of Electronics & Information Engineering

As the largest college in the electronics and information engineering field, the College of Electronics and Information Engineering of Kwangwoon University provides field-oriented engineering education and it aims to produce practical, creative, globally competitive and technically specialized individuals who can lead the knowledge-based, 21st century.

College of AI Convergence

College of AI Convergence is the largest college in the field of software in Korea, so the traditional two software-related majors are reorganized into two professional departments, and the largest information convergence department, as a promising convergence software field in Korea, has been established. With our best systems and capabilities, we are training software convergence professionals who are most needed in the modern industry.

College of Engineering

Kwangwoon University’s College of Engineering aims to produce specialized individuals who can effectively apply their basic theoretical knowledge and successfully compete in the global environment, through practical education that offers field-applicable knowledge and through intensive, practical studies that promote development of creativity

College of Natural Sciences

Under the goals of ‘producing independent and self-reliant individuals with new knowledge’ and ‘providing education that values practicality, creativity and field-relevant education’. Kwangwoon University’s College of Natural Sciences aims to provide education and carry out research on academic knowledge and application our society demands and to produce well-rounded specialists who can contribute to the betterment of our society and humanity.

College of Humanities and Social Sciences

Kwangwoon University’s College of Humanities and Social Sciences aims to produce leaders who can apply their humanistic insights and knowledge to open up new future and society according to the changes we see in our information era and individuals who can creatively look into, study and analyze social phenomena.

College of Law and Public Policy

Kwangwoon University’s College of Law and Public Policy produces global individuals who can lead Korea and the international community and well-rounded individuals equipped with a sound legal judgment, administrative capabilities and global competitiveness.

College of Business

Kwangwoon University’s College of Business aims to produce professional managers that can lead this highly competitive, globalized and informatized 21st century of ours.

College of Veritas et Lux Talents Development

The College of Veritas et Lux Talents Development aims to cultivate broad knowledge and character, delve deeply into specialized subjects, and develop global competence. We aim to nurture talents who can realize a sustainable future society through innovative creativity and integrated communication that embraces technology, society, and humanity.

Ingenium College

Aimed at strengthening its general education, Kwangwoon University changed its College of Liberal Arts to Ingenium College. The Ingenium College strives to produce creative who have clear and balanced understanding of education and studies. The program offers interdisciplinary education, foreign language education, video education and instrumental education.