School of Environmental Studies

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Educational Objectives

The 21st century is often referred to as the ‘Environmental Era’.

Environmental regulations established to preserve the natural environment are becoming increasingly stricter and more applied to the trade industry. Thus, it is essential to transform the economic and industrial structures into environment-friendly if industries are to remain competitive in the global community. Without solving environmental issue, we can neither sustain humanity nor carry out business activities freely and effectively. The Graduate School of Environmental Studies is aimed at producing leaders who can adapt to these environment-related changes across the world. The curriculum is focused on educating students in practical knowledge and skills that can be used and applied in the field. It offers pan-disciplinary courses that encompass economics, business administration, accounting, trade, informatics, health, safety, ecosystem, policy, law, impact assessment, energy, NGO and various other fields. Also, the School is not only equipped with the most advanced educational facilities and equipment but has outstanding faculty members that works very hard to offer specialized learning opportunities to students.


Environmental Business Management

Environmental Engineering

Impact Assessment

Disaster and Safety Management

Private Sector Disaster Mitigation