Department of English Language and Industry

We live in a world where English is a global language and the Department of English Language and Industry is aimed at producing English experts who are equipped with advanced English skills and understanding of English-speaking societies and culture. The Department develops practical communications skills by strengthening students’ speaking, listening and writing skills and providing opportunities for internships, overseas language programs and student exchange programs. The curriculum which includes courses and research in English literature, English-speaking societies and culture, is designed to broaden students’ global perspective.

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Educational Objectives

In this globalized world, English is a language that is most required of in economy, politics, foreign relations, as well as in almost all industrial fields including education, cultural content, finance, trade, tourism and service industries. In this world, it is not only our assignment to have a deeper understanding of the language and the culture of English-speaking societies but English skills are prerequisite skills that our global, industrial world demands. To meet this demand, the Department aims to develop practical English skills such as translation and documentary skills and, produce English experts who have deep understanding of the language, literature and cultures. The curriculum is designed to strengthen students’ English speaking, listening, writing and reading abilities, foster students thinking ability, creativity and imagination and train them to have deeper insights and understanding of English as well as the society and culture of English-speaking countries.

Majors and Studies

- To develop understanding of and critical thinking ability for British and American literature and culture
- To develop English speaking, listening, writing and reading abilities
- To develop practical English skills (translation and documentary skills)
- To develop the ability to understanding and analyze the structure, meaning and forms of English
- To develop the ability to understand and apply the principles and methods of learning and teaching English