School of Smart Convergence

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Educational Objectives

To provide in-depth major courses and interdisciplinary curriculum to educate and produce IT and CT content experts who can adapt to changes of this era of content convergence


Department of Information Convergence System Engineering

Department of Game Studies

Department of Tourism and Food Industry

Department of Urban Planning & Real Estate

Department of Interdisciplinary Bio Health

Department of Meta Convergence Content

Majors and Studies

1. Department of Information Convergence System Engineering
The Graduate School of Smart Convergence at Kwangwoon University aims to cultivate professionals who can lead technological innovation in the field of ICT convergence. The focus of education is on designing smart infrastructure by understanding human information needs, information utilization, the role of information in our society, and cultural understanding. The program offers specialized majors in computer convergence systems and media convergence systems, with the goal of providing interdisciplinary education on intelligence information, content, connectivity, systems, and humans.

2. Department of Game Studies
This department aims to nurture experts in game science who will play a key role in both game academia and industry. Students will learn theories and practices related to game planning, game programming, game graphics and animation, game music, and game storytelling, as well as the convergence of humanities and social sciences, natural sciences, engineering, art, and game studies.

3.Department of Tourism and Food Industry
In the global era of the 21st century, the environment of the tourism restaurant industry is changing more rapidly than ever due to the development of IT technology. Recognizing the economic effects of the tourism industry, the enthusiasm for attracting tourists among countries is diversifying, and the proportion of the restaurant industry in the era of unlimited service competition is increasing day by day through convergence with IT. It aims to create a new value system through the combination of services and IT technology and resources of the tourism restaurant industry, which is a high value-added industry in the future, and to foster experts to plan, develop, and develop marketing strategies for tourism restaurant products.

4. Department of Urban Planning & Real Estate
The Department of Urban Planning and Real Estate aims to create future value through the creation and management of smart cities that converge ICT, urban engineering, and urban planning, and to foster future urban real estate experts in the field of urban regeneration, which is emerging as a new growth engine due to urban decline and aging. The Department of Urban Planning and Real Estate deals with the efficient management of existing urban assets and integrates information and communication technology(ICT) into urban real estate infrastructure for resilient response to urban population growth, and focuses on providing economic efficiency, environmental sustainability, and convenient and safe life based on the latest ICT such as Internet of Things(IoT), artificial intelligence(AI), big data solutions, and ITS. The majors include Urban Planning and Real Estate, Real Estate Asset Management, and Smart City Real Estate.

5. Department of Interdisciplinary Bio Health
◎ Smart Bio Health Convergence
Smart digital technology is being quickly and widely applied to the medical field, and accordingly, it is necessary to discover and cultivate various talents within the healthcare ecosystem. This major aims to foster ICT-based K-bio convergence professionals and learns smart healthcare-based technologies.
◎ Sports Health Rehabilitation
Based on the knowledge of sports science convergence, it is a major that fosters talents who contribute to a healthy life. This major aims to foster talent through convergence education in the ICT field, sports, health care, and rehabilitation fields.

6. Department of Meta Convergence Content
This department aims to nurture future-oriented global talent in the field of convergence content, which is set to become a key industry of the future. The convergence of humanities, technology, and design is taking place in various fields such as media, education, tourism, and urban industry. Additionally, changes in the industrial environment based on the metaverse, an expanded space of reality, are taking place. The department focuses on research on academic and commercial technologies in the field of convergence content that meets this new paradigm.