School of Smart Convergence

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Educational Objectives

To provide in-depth major courses and interdisciplinary curriculum to educate and produce IT and CT content experts who can adapt to changes of this era of content convergence


Department of Smart System

Department of Game Studies

Major in Beauty Convergence

Major in Tourism Industry

Department of Urban Planning & Real Estate

Major in Medical Device Industry

Majors and Studies

1. Media Content Major – The Media Content Program educates the students on planning, designing and producing various digital content. It aims to produce media content experts that can effectively incorporate smart media, interactive media and realistic media elements in creating various media content.

2. Holographic Content Major – The Holographic Content Major aims to produce hologram content providers that can successfully replace traditional media with natural and comprehensive 3D media content. Hologram is a technology that can display a fully three-dimensional image of 3D information in the most human-friendly way and it is regarded as one of the fastest growing, next-generation, technology field. The Holographic Content Program studies the theories of digital hologram and trains the students on producing holograms through practical courses.

3. e-learning Content Major – The e-Learning Content Major studies planning and production of e-learning content and offers interactive, learner-centered education to produce leading content specialists.

4. Sports Media Content – The Sports Media Major studies media technology and its application in sports marketing. The students develop understanding of new media, media marketing and cultural sports industry and new media business fields.

5. Department of Game Studies – The Department of Game Studies aims to produce leading game specialists that can play an important role in game studies and game industries. The students develop understanding of game planning, game programming, game graphics, animation, game music, storytelling in games and other fields such as humanities, social sciences, natural sciences, engineering and arts which can all be integrated with game studies. The students can advance into Ph.D. program or academic field.

6. Department of Tourism Content – The interest in and development of tourism industry are continuously expanding due to globalization. The Department of Tourism Industry develops students theoretical and practical knowledge in tourism industry which is one of the promising, valued-added industries of the future. The Department is aimed at producing professionals who can lead the tourism content industry in our global world.