School of Education

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Educational Objectives

The Graduate School of Education produces creative educational leaders and professionals who can lead this knowledge-based 21st century.


Mathematics Education
Counseling Psychology
Parent Education
Lifelong Multicultural Education
Integrated Special Education
Psychotherapy Education
Special Education
Elementary English Education (TESOL Program)
Coaching Psychology (Career Counseliing – General Coaching and Business Coaching)
Sports for All Education (Sports for Health and Leisure and Recreational Sports)
Digital Media Education (Multimedia and Education Technology)

Majors and Studies

The Graduate School of Education focuses on providing practical education and provides continuous support for students continuing their study into Ph.D. program. The School only requires of 12 minimum credits in major (2 out of 6 courses must be compulsory major courses] and students can receive a degree without writing a thesis if 4 more credits (2 courses; 2 compulsory courses starting from 2008) are earned in addition to 24 credits.

Majors and Compulsory Courses

Majors and Compulsory Courses
Majors Compulsory Courses
Digital Media Education MT510 Introduction to Education Technology
MT514 Digital Media Education Theory
Elementary English Education EE501 Language Acquisition Theory
EE504 English Pronunciation Training
Counseling Psychology CP502 Theory and Practice of Counseling
CP505 Counseling Practice and Case Study
Sports for All Education SE501 Sports and Social Studies Research
SE503 Sports Psychology
Coaching Psychology CC501 Advanced Counseling Psychology
CC502 Coaching Psychology
Parent Education PE501 Theory and Practice of Parent Education
PE515 Parent Education Seminar
Lifelong Multicultural Education LE501 Theory of Lifelong Education
LE506 Methodology of Lifelong Education
Integrated Special Education IE501 Integrated Special Education
IE503 Diagnosis and Assessment of Children with Disabilities
Psychotherapy Education Theory and Practice of Psychotherapy
Understanding Psychotherapy Cases and Supervision
※ Special Education Major and Mathematics Education Major are minors and do not have compulsory major courses.

Kwangwoon University Psychological Health Center (Affiliated with the Graduate School of Education)


To offer various psychotherapy services to children, youth and adults with the aim of serving the communities and producing service-minded individuals

To offer art therapy, language therapy, work therapy, special education (cognitive learning), and motor development (special physical education) programs to children including those with disabilities and also offers a parent education program

To offer psychotherapy services for youth and adults began in 2014 and the Center offers various psychotherapy services to adult individuals and couples.

In addition to offering treatment and therapy services, the Center serves as a place of learning for Students in the Graduate School of Education

Therapeutic Programs for General Children and Children with Disabilities

Art Therapy – Art therapy is a creative, therapeutic technique that focuses on helping individuals and children with disabilities to find comfort and identity by expressing indescribable emotions through art.

Developmental Diagnosis (Educational Counseling) – Developmental diagnosis on developmental delay, types and degree of delays and types of disabilities of children gives the information needed to offer the most appropriate services to each child.

Special Education (Cognitive Learning) Program – To improve cognitive development of children showing difficulties in learning, the Special Education Program offers basic learning program which can be applied to children in specific developmental stage and promotes small group activities and children interaction.

Speech-Language Therapy Program – Speech-Language Therapy Program evaluates speech and language skills of children experiencing difficulties communicating with others and develops their language and communication skills by introducing language models and functional language training.

Work Therapy (Sensory Integration) Program – Work Therapy Program offers meaningful sensory activities that are based on tactile, vestibular and proprioceptive senses, motivates the children to explore their own senses and encourage interaction with the environment to develop children’s sensory integration abilities.

Motor Development (Special Physical Education) Program – Motor Development Program offers physical activities that take into account of children’s development features. It focuses on improving children’s physical structure and functions and developing sensory, cognitive and perceptive abilities to promote children’s learning and social adaptability.

Youth Counseling Service – Youth Counseling Service evaluates youth career, aptitude, psychology and overall development state and offers professional counseling on various psychological problems and worries that adolescents might have. It also offers education on effective parenting.

Individual and Couples Counseling – Individual and Couples Counseling Program offers counseling services on anxiety, depression, work and interpersonal issues. It offers counseling service not only to individuals but to couples, married or soon-to-be married, focusing on improving their relationship.

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