Department of Information Contents (evening program)

Location : Rm.811-1, Ogui Hall

Tel : 82-2-940-5242, 5097, 5201

Fax : 82-2-942-0108


As the knowledge and information society and technologies advances,(1) the need for and the importance of highly competent information security specialists and (2) the need for highly qualified workforce in digital content areas, which is drawing attention as the future growth engine of the nation, are growing. Our department trains information security specialists and various content design and creation specialists based on the IT technology, a longstanding strength of our university, to cultivate competent present and future professionals.
(1) Top specialists equipped with theoretical and practical expertise in the field (field-oriented specialists)
(2) Multifaceted creative specialists with problem-solving ability optimized for future jobs
(3) Information security and content specialists who understand interactions of humanities, science, technology, and the arts


Information Security Major

- Training in theoretical knowledge and practical skills required for security management and audit for introduction of information system and informatization policy making, provision of highest level of services through information system management and processing, and stability of information system

Game and Convergent Contents Major

- Training in advanced level game designers through instruction in game theories, graphics, and programming under the objective of game designs based on information, communication, and technology (ICT) - Training specialists in advanced content creation such as film, video, animation, game, advertisement, and publicity that can promote the industry with the objective of developing, planning and production of cross-content industries such as culture and tourism


Our department offer night courses, Saturday classes, and internet courses for employees as part of the Employee Education Program. Our students include employees in various occupational groups such as computer, broadcasting, game, and design, government employees, and military service personnel for advanced learning for their current jobs and preparation for new jobs
(1) IT-based top-level facilities and researchers, which is a longstanding strength of this university
(2) Formation of human network for mentoring in learning and employment with the current students and graduates of programs in the information content graduate school in this university