Department of Electrical and Biological Physics

The Department of Electrobiophysics is aimed at applying biology in advanced electronic technologies and biotechnologies on the basis of physics. The curriculum consists of basic theories and concepts of mechanics, electromagnetics, quantum mechanics and biology as well as applied physics and biology fields such as semiconductor, plasma, microwave engineering, display, solar battery and biotechnology. The Department offers experiment-focused education on advanced topics such as electrons and computational physics and, the graduate students participate in labs that conduct research in semiconductor, displays (LCD, OLED, PDP), solar battery, plasma physics, bio-plasma and focused ion beam.

Location : Rm.711, Ogui Hall

Tel : 82-2-940-5230

Fax : 82-2-942-0108


Name Position Email
Guang-sup Cho Professor
Yoon-ho Seo Professor
Eun-ha Choi Professor
Jae-won Cho Professor
Byung-ju Park Professor
Gi-chung Kwon Professor
Nan-ju Jung Professor
Yoon-ki Kim Professor
Nagendra Kumar Kaushik Professor
Do-young Kim Associate Professor