Educational Philosophy

"Kwangwoon's ultimate purpose is to promote self-reliance in students."

Self-reliance comes from diligence, frugality and a strong will to explore and to act upon oneself. Kwangwoon is aimed at educating students to become leaders who strive to cultivate their characters through tireless exploration, practice and pursuit of humanistic purpose and values.

Educational Philosophy

To live up to the founding philosophy and set 'Veritas et Lux' as the ultimate value and direction of university's education

Veritas: To study, explore truth and educate human virtues
Lux: To spread the good and to contribute to the country and human society

Educational Purpose

To educate students to become 'world-class intellectuals' who are creative, farsighted, proactive and who have balanced judgment

Educational Goal

To educate students to become IT type leaders who study extensively and explore deeply

What We Look For

Kwangwoon IT type man of talent

Core Capacities

  • Integrative Thinking
  • Future-Oriented Thinking
  • Social Skills
  • Global Skills
  • 'Can-Do' Spirit