Introduction of Office of International Affairs

  • Tasks related to the conclusion of international exchange and cooperation agreements
  • Management of mutual dispatch of professors, staff, and students of exchange universities
  • Attraction of international relations events and international cultural exchange
  • Development of international education programs
  • Work related to joint education cooperation program with foreign universities
  • Regular course admission and management of international students
  • Participation in overseas study abroad fairs
  • International Student Center Operation
  • Cooperation between immigration offices related to international students
Call Fax Mail
(+82)-2-940-5014~6 (+82)-2-940-8682

Office staff responsibilities and contact information

Name Position Responsibilities Department Phone number E-mail
JaeHyun Han Director General International Affairs overseeing work Division of Business Administration 02-940-5013
Byong Yob Ko Team Leader Office of International Affairs overseeing work, establishing, and operating international exchange development plan Office of International Affairs 02-940-5014~5
Chang Moon Lee Chief Manager Education internationalization competency certification system and department index management, operation and management of foreign head professor system, operation of employment support program, response to internal and external request data Office of International Affairs 02-940-5014~5
Mun Cheol Shin Chief Manager Attracting international students (undergraduate, graduate school, language courses), finding, and managing partner companies (China), holding and managing the International Exchange Committee, higher education statistics, COVID-19 response Office of International Affairs 02-940-5016
Anna Jo Chief Manager Admission, recruitment, dispatch and management of exchange students, development and operation of internationalization programs (including recognition of language training credits), OIA website management, management of clubs under the OIA, materials for various on-campus meetings (Director, end lectures, etc.) Office of International Affairs 02-940-5014~5
Tae Lahm Ahn Employee International MOU correspondent, University English homepage management, seasonal camp arrangements, part-time student workers management, orientation for new and transfer students Office of International Affairs 02-940-5016
Jin Minhua Employee Korean language course admission management, discovery and management of study abroad partners (China and other regions), issuance of admission letter (language courses, undergraduate), alien registration and visa issuance and extension, electronic document reception Office of International Affairs 02-940-5016
Byun Changsung Employee Operation of university innovation support projects (mentoring, lunch talk talk, global challenger) Office of International Affairs 02-940-5014~5
Li Hong Yu Carmen Employee Application for graduate school admissions, production of promotional materials for graduate school entrance exams, graduate school admissions consultation, data collection and analysis for graduate school foreign students special admission, issuance of admission letter (graduate school), management of English website, equipment (printer) management Office of International Affairs 02-940-5016
Judy Kim Employee Counseling and management of Vietnamese and other nationalities students, reception and handling of school enrollment changes, FIMS response, tuition fee and insurance payment management Office of International Affairs 02-940-5014~5
Songi Jin Employee Management of induction programs (Qingdao University of Science and Technology, Yodong University, etc.), dormitory operation and management (dormitory, International House, etc.), counseling management within the team (including counseling and management of Chinese students), operation of grades and scholarship system, management of Korean Graduation Certification System Office of International Affairs 02-940-5016