Information on the Use of the Facilities (Application)

Student Welfare Team

Contact : 02-940-5032

Facilities Operation

장소 사용기준 - 장소별 사용기준, 비고에 대한 정보제공
Facility Operating Time Operating Period
Kwangwoon Futsal Court
  • 08:00 ~ 20:00
During both semester and vacation
Kwangwoon Basketball Court
  • 09:00 ~ 19:30

Notes on Application

  • To prevent various accidents that may occur in the futsal and basketball courts during the rain, attendees must make sure to be equipped with shoes suitable for the environment of use and safety equipment that can protect the body
  • The futsal and basketball courts can only be used under the permitted time, the number of attendees at the time of application, and for the appropriate purpose of use (food and alcoholic beverages are not allowed)
  • Attendees are responsible for safety accidents that may occur when using futsal and basketball courts
  • If the name of the correct group (student council, small group, club, etc.) is not specified at the time of application, the application for use can be canceled without contacting
  • If no contact information is provided at the time of application or if a number is entered arbitrarily, we may cancel the application for use without contacting
  • If the place is used without permission or unauthorizedly without applying for use of the facility to the Student Welfare Team at least 2 days before the date of use after application, some penalty will be given when applying for use of the place later (prohibition of the use of the place for a certain period, etc.)
  • In the case of illegally dumping garbage, bringing in food, drinking, or smoking on the futsal or basketball court, some penalty will be given when applying for use of the place later (prohibition of the use of the place for a certain period, etc.)
  • If the noise affects nearby residents (their rest or sleep) or Kwangwoon University classes/events, the use of futsal and basketball courts may be suspended

How to Apply

  • Kwangwoon Homepage -> KW-LIFE -> Services -> Booking for Sports Facilities -> APPLY / CHECK ANNOUNCEMENTS -> KLAS Login
  • Create a place use application inquiry page (장소사용 신청조회 페이지 생성) -> Enter place use application (장소사용 신청 입력) -> Read the notes (주의사항 숙지) -> Click the Apply button (신청버튼 클릭)
  • Visit the Student Welfare Team (Bokji Building Room 202) at least 2 days before the date of use, check the details of the provisional application, and fill out and submit the application for use of the venue (final application) -> Issuance and receipt of the venue use permit


  • Application and use of facilities are allowed only for departments (including small groups) and club groups, not for individuals or external organizations
  • Application and use can be applied for up to 5 days per department (including small groups) per month (max 2 times per day), and up to 3 days per club (max 2 times per day) per month
    • During the second application period, departments (including small groups) and clubs can apply for use of the university facilities with no restrictions
    • This is done to limit the use of the courts by only a small number of departments and clubs, thus opening access to many departments and clubs.
  • If the application for use is completed, but not used due to unforeseen circumstances, the cancellation must be made at least 3 days before the date of use. (If the application for use has not been canceled and used without prior notice, a penalty will be given by limiting the application for subsequent use)
  • Kwangwoon University Futsal/Basketball Courts priority of use is given to PE related classes
  • If you cannot use it for school events, construction, or other unavoidable circumstances, please contact us in advance