2024 Spring Course Registration Information

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Course Registration Information for the Spring Semester of 2024


1. Course Registration schedule for Spring Semester of 2024









Course Registration  Period

2/14 (Wed) 10:00-16:00

2-4(5) year students registration

*Please refer to the schedule by  departments below.

2/15 (Thu) 10:00-16:00

2/16 (Fri) 10:00-16:00

 2/19 (Mon) 10:00-16:00

Course  registration for freshman and returning 1st year students, 1st year readmitted students

2/22 (Thu) 10:00-16:00

Registration for courses from other department courses (including  double and minor), transfer students and readmitted students  n



2/23 (Fri) - 2/29 (Thu) 10:00-16:00

Students who have not applied for a single course or who have returned to school after the course registration period (Can apply only one day of the period, excluding weekends and public holidays)

Spring Semester Period

3/4(Mon) Start of the semester - 6/21(Thu) End of the semester

   The first semester of the 2024 academic year will be held on a weekly basis from Monday to Sunday.

Course Change  Period


3/7(Thu)  3/8(Fri) 10:00-16:00


All students


Course Cancellation


Round 1 cancellation


Round 2 cancellation

3/11(Mon)  3/12(Tue)

Registration for students whose courses     were cancelled by the round 2 cancellation

Course Withdrawal  Period


3/13(Wed)-3/22(Fri) 09:00-17:00



2. Class Operation for 1st semester of 2024

A. Class management method: Offline Classes

B. Exceptions: Courses selected as distance learning by the Institute for Educational Innovation





More than 50% online


- For detailed information on the operation of  classes, check the syllabus

100% online



 Materials for class registration for the 1st semester of 2024 will be uploaded at the end of January.


3. Course Registration Period


A.   Course registration period by departments: Students in grades 2, 3, 4(5) (including returning students in grades 2-4(5) for the first semester of the 2024 academic year) register with their own department. .


 February 14th (Wed) 10:00 - 16:00: College of Electronic and Information Engineering (6 departments),

College of Engineering (4 departments)

 February 15th (Thu) 10:00 - 16:00: College of Artificial Intelligence  and Convergence (3 departments), College of

Natural Sciences (5 departments), College of Law and Public  Policy (4 departments)

 February 16th (Fri) 10:00 - 16:00: College of Humanities and Social Sciences (5 departments),

College of Business (2 departments)

 You can only apply for major courses in your department and all general education courses during the departmental course registration  period.

 Please note that students on leave of absence scheduled to return to school for the 1st semester of the 2024 academic year can        access the course registration program only after the return process is completed. (Refer to Returning After a Leave of Absence” notice)


2,3,4 year students can register for 1st-year courses during the course change period(March 3(Thu) ~ March 8(Fri))

[Applicable courses: 광운인되기, 대학영어, 대학수학및연습1, 기초수학및연습, 대학화학, 대학물리학1, 대학물리(화학)및실험1, 일반물리(화학)및실험1, 대학생물및실험, 융합적사고와글쓰기, C프로그래밍응용, 인공지능과컴퓨팅사고, 프로그래밍기초]Not applicable for retaking classes


-  2, 3, and 4th-year students can register for classes regardless of the sessions

-   First-year courses not listed above can be registered on the day of departmental course registration.


B. Other department courses (including double, minor) registration period : February 19th (Mon) 10:00 - 16:00

 Registration is only available if there are remaining seats after the students in the department register for courses.

You can also register for major courses in your department or general education courses if there are any  remaining seats.

 2-4 year re-admitted students, and transfer students (foreigners) for The 1st semester of the 2024 academic year can also register  for courses.


C. Freshmen course registration (all freshmen including returning students and re-admitted   students: February 22nd (Thu) 10:00 - 16:00

  In the case of courses designated by departments, freshmen can only apply for the ones for their

departments (check the courses by departments in the courses registration materials).


D.  February 23rd (Fri) ? February 29th (Thu) 10:00 - 16:00: Registration for students who could not  register for a single course, those who have returned to school after the course registration period, and transfer students (foreigners) (Can apply for only one day of the period, excluding weekends)


4. Course change period: March 7th (Thu) - March 8th (Fri) 10:00 - 16:00

 Engineering students must fill out a study plan and consult with their advisor (to be announced separately).


5. Course cancellation announcement

 First round: February 26th (Mon), students who have their registered course(s) canceled in the 1st  cancellation round can apply for another course during the course change period.

 Second round: March 11th (Mon)students who have their registered course(s) canceled in the 2nd cancellation round can apply for another course from March 11th (Mon) to March 12th (Tue).


6. Course withdrawal period: March 13th (Wed) ? March 22nd (Fri) 09:00 - 17:00

Students can apply directly on KLAS, and the professor in charge of the  course approve/disapprove it (no drop after the period).

Please keep in mind that if the total number of registered credits becomes less than the minimum  (12 credits) due to course withdrawal, the student will not be able to drop the course. Also, you cannot apply for additional courses during this period.

Students must check and confirm the class timetable and the course information at KLAS after completing the  course withdrawal.

However, if a student in the expected graduation semester (8th semester,10th semester of Department of Architecture) applied for more than 6 credits in total due to course withdrawal,  he/she can apply directly at KLAS.


7. Information on course registration for credit exchange with other universities: separate notice                         on the website


8. Notes when enrolling in a course  A. Credit Range

2016 and prior student ID number : (min)12 - (max)21 credits

  From 2017 student ID number : (min)12 - (max)19 credits

The minimum number of credits for graduating students (8th semester, 10th semester of architecture) is 6 credits.

 Those who have completed more than 8 semesters (or 10 semesters in the Department of            Architecture) can register for less than the minimum number of credits (12 credits).

 The maximum number of credits that can be applied is added when applying the credit transfer system (applied until 2016) and the conditional maximum credit application system (applied from 2017). (Refer to the detailed course registration materials)


B.  Since the course registration program has been changed from the 2021 academic year, please be sure to read the instructions on how to use the course registration program before registering. (Check the Notice)

 It is recommended to install a new course registration program for the first time and check if it is installed properly before registering for a course.

  C. Starting from the 2024 academic year, the classification of fundamental general courses (기초교양) has been changed to either elective major (전선)  elective general education (교선). Please make sure to check the course offerings for your department in the course registration materials before proceeding with course registration.


D.  Since the subject of English Conversation (영어회화) is removed from the mandatory general education course list since the 2019 academic year, it will also be removed from the graduation requirements starting from February 2019. Please note that as of the 2019 academic year, University  English (대학영어) is mandatory for all students. (Those who were exempted from the University English course before the 2019 academic year will still be exempted.)

Please also note that the general education mandatory course has changed as 'Convergent Thinking and Writing (융합적사고와글쓰기) has changed as general education requirement for incoming students in 2020.

E.     You can log in to the course registration program from midnight of the registration date, and              you can search courses, mark your favorites, and check availability.


F. As many course names have been changed due to the curriculum change in 2024, be sure to check the Course Status Table (동일교과목 현황표) (to be announced later) in  the course registration materials.

(If you apply for the same course that was taken before your application either will be  denied, or the course will be considered retaken.)


G.      Notes on registering general educations courses

 You cannot apply for more than two classes of the same  level of difficulty in one general education category (-> only 1 course per level of difficulty).

 How to check the level of difficulty: 5th digit of the course number (i.e. 0000-1-1077- 01 영어회화  difficulty level 1)

 For e-learning subjects in the Seoul area, you must log in and take classes on a separate            website (

 100% online courses of KWU can be taken in KLAS.


H. Staring from the second semester of 2018, the system has been changed to prevent the sale of courses, so spare seats are not immediately created when registering for popular courses. For more   details, please refer to the course registration materials (spare seats do not appear immediately, even if you cancel your course after all seats are filled).



I. For other matters, please refer to the course registration materials for the 1st semester of the 2024 academic year (To be uploaded at the end of January).




2024. 1. 19



Director of the Office of Academic Affairs