Research Team of Professor Sangmin Lee Won Excellent Paper Award at Korean Data Mining Society

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  • 2023-12-28
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Research Team of Professor Sangmin Lee's (Department of Information Convergence) Won Excellent Paper Award at Korean Data Mining Society's Fall Conference

Jaewon Lee, a master's student in the Department of Applied Artificial Intelligence 


Jaewon Lee (master's student) and Minjeong Kang (master's student) from the research team of Professor Sangmin Lee (Department of Information Convergence) received the Excellent Paper Award at the 'Korean Data Mining Society 2023 (KDMS2023) Fall Conference' on November 7.


At the conference, Jaewon Lee presented a paper on 'Problems and Solutions of Deep Learning Models Lightweighting Technique(Knowledge Distillation),' and proposed a curriculum-based learning technique for efficient transfer learning of knowledge distillation. They received the award for its excellent  accuracy improvement and calibration performance. Minjeong Kang proposed a method for robust color normalization to the target domain while preserving structure for whole slide images (WSI), which are high-resolution pathological images used in digital pathology. This proposal, which considered the information contained in dye channels and conducted stain normalization, received the award for its outstanding performance compared to prior research.

Meanwhile, the conference was held under the theme of 'Data Mining in the Era of Mega AI,' and papers were presented on  various topics such as predictive modeling, deep learning, and data mining in manufacturing/finance/security.