MOU with Korea Youth Work Agency for Strengthening Youth Future Capabilities

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  • 2023-12-28
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Kwangwoon University Signs MOU with Korea Youth Work Agency for Strengthening Youth Future Capabilities   


(Left) Yeon-gi Son, Director of Korea Youth Work Agency (Right) Jongheon Kim, President of Kwangwoon University


Kwangwoon University signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the Korea Youth Work Agency (Director Yeon-gi Son) on November 14 for enhancing the future capabilities of youth. The signing ceremony was held at the university with 12 officials from both institutions including President Jongheon Kim and Director Yeon-gi Son,.


The contents of the agreement include cooperation for balanced growth of youth and enhancement of their future capabilities cooperation for policy development related to youth activities and linkage with university education joint development, support, and information exchange for youth-related educational and research projects, and they will actively cooperate on matters that require mutual cooperation for the development of both institutions.


President Jongheon Kim of Kwangwoon University said, "I consider it meaningful to contribute to youth activities through the agreement with the Korea Youth Work Agency." adding, "We will provide generous support in all areas such as  research and education to develop the capabilities of potential youth."


Meanwhile, the Graduate School of Counseling and Welfare at Kwangwoon University operates a major in youth-related fields, fostering experts in the field and running numerous youth foster  organizations. The Korea Youth Work Agency has been comprehensively supporting youth activities as the largest public institution in the field of Korean youth and has been preparing activities and policy discourse in the youth sector such as co-hosting the 1st Youth Future Connection Forum in June this year in response to the post-COVID era. With this MOU, it is expected that the mutual cooperation between Kwangwoon University and the Korea Youth Work Agency will continue to develop  in the field of youth activities.