2023 Winter Vacation Skating Special Class Discount Information

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  • 2023-12-21
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2023 Winter Vacation Skating Special Class Discount Information 


At Donghae Culture Arts Center Ice Rink, we are offering discounts (30%) for faculty and staff (including their children) and enrolled students for the 2023 winter vacation skating special classes as outlined below.


1. 2023 Winter Vacation Special Class Details

   a. Special Class Schedule: Dec 23, 2023 (Sat) to Jan 20, 2024 (Sat)

   b. Special Class Categories: Speed, Figure Skating [5 sessions/100 minutes per session on weekdays (Mon-Fri), 5 sessions/100 minutes per session on weekends (Sat)))

   c. Special Class Target: All ages from 6 years old and above (Skate size must be 180mm or larger)

   d. Special Class Capacity: Up to 12 students per class (e.g., Speed 1st Class to 10th Class, approximately 12 students per class)

   e. Class Progression:

      1) Intensive (1st to 3rd): Beginners

      2) Continuous (1st to 3rd session): Intensive course completers, 2023 summer vacation special course completers (Students will be assessed for progression to the next level by the coaching staff)

   f. Fee: 30% discount for children and students of faculty and staff


Before Discount   

After Discount (30% off)

Lesson Fee 

Intensive (Mon-Fri)/Continuous (Mon-Fri)   

KRW 140,000   

KRW 98,000 

Weekend (Sat)

KRW 140,000   

KRW 98,000

Rental Fee 

Intensive (Mon-Fri)/Continuous (Mon-Fri)   

KRW 30,000   

KRW 21,000

Weekend (Sat)

KRW 30,000   

KRW 21,000


2. Registration for Kwangwoon Members (30% discount): In-person registration (payment after checking  ID, family relation, and student ID)

   - Weekdays/Weekends: 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM (Ice Rink Ticket Office 909-3114)

- General Registration: Refer to Kwangwoon University Ice Rink


3. Registration and Class Schedule


Registration Period   

Class Period

Class Time   



12/11 ~ 12/22

12/23, 30, 01/06, 13, 20


10:30 ~ 12:20

100-minute sessions with approximately 12 students per class 

*Classes with fewer than 7 students may be cancelled.

Intensive 1st/Continuous 1st   

12/18 ~ 12/31

01/01(Mon) ~ 01/05(Fri)

10:00 ~ 11:50

Intensive 2nd/Continuous 2nd   

12/25 ~ 01/07

01/08(Mon) ~ 01/12(Fri)

Intensive 3rd/Continuous 3rd   

01/01 ~ 01/14

01/15(Mon) ~ 01/19(Fri)

4. What to bring: Skates (rental available), Gloves (individual preparation), Helmet (free rental), Comfortable long clothing for activity, and other personal protective gear (knee pads, elbow pads, etc.)


5. Refund Policy

   - 100% refund for cancellations within the registration deadline (Visit with a receipt for refund)

   - No refund after the class has begun. Only in the case of accidents or illnesses are refunded after deducting the number of class days upon submission of proof.


6. Other Information: Faculty, children, and students of Kwangwoon University will continue to receive the same discount for general admission (KRW 3,000 for entry fee, KRW 2,000 for rental fee per person).


Director of Donghae Culture Arts Center