Breakthrough of Department of Chemical Engineering / Environmental Engineering

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  • 2023-11-14
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Research team from Department of Chemical Engineering and Department of Environmental Engineering at Kwangwoon University Receive Outstanding Poster Award at 2023 Korean Society of Clean Technology Fall Conference


[우수포스터상 수상자 사진 류백하(좌측 5번째), 신혁진(좌측 8번째), 정소희(우측 3번째)]

[Photo of the Outstanding Poster Award Recipients: Baekha Ryu (5th from the left), Hyukjin Shin (8th from the left), Sohee Jung (3rd from the right)]


In September, four students from Kwangwoon University (Hyukjin Shin & Sohee Shin, Department of Chemical Engineering, Renisha & Baekha Ryu, Department of Environmental Engineering) won the Awards at the Fall Conference of the Korean Society of Clean Technology.


At the academic conference, Renisha won the Best Presentation Award for her research on hydrogen peroxide production (Modulating the polymerization degree of TMPS using Argon Jet plasma for high electrolytic production of H2O2), and Baekha Ryu won the Best Poster Award for his research on degradation of hazardous chemicals using plasma catalysts (Efficient Plasma-catalytic Degradation of GenX in Water using Argon Jet Plasma with Ru-doped CeBiO3). Similarly, Sohee Jung (Manufacture of tire wear particles for environmental exposure assessment using cryo-milling technique) and Hyukjin Shin (Comparison of TWP, CB, and heavy metal contents by particle size in floor dust from the steel industrial complex area) won the Outstanding Poster Award for their research on environmental exposure and actual exposure evaluation of tire wear particles.


Meanwhile, the Korean Society of Clean Technology, celebrating its 28th anniversary, has been established as a representative society in the field of clean engineering and technology with companies and experts related to chemical engineering, environmental engineering, and clean technology as its members.