Kwangwoon University and Kakao Pay Signs Agreement to Support IT education

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  • 2023-09-26
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Kwangwoon University and Kakao Pay Signs Agreement to Support IT education to Bridge the Digital Education Gap

- Promoting Digital Education for Various Social Classes Through 300 million KRW Development Fund Donation for 3 Year years -

디지털 교육격차 해소를 위한 IT교육 지원 업무협약 체결 


Kwangwoon University signed a business agreement with Kakao Pay (CEO Won-geun Shin) on September 12, address the digital education gap and to support IT education.


Kwangwoon University will receive a development fund of 300 million KRW from Kakao Pay for three years to provide IT education to various groups, including the digital underprivileged groups, by dispatching students and instructors to youth, residents, and primary and secondary educational institutions. Additionally, under this agreement, both institutions will actively promote activities such as special lectures to foster SW/AI experts, enhancing education for non-majors through online courses, and other industry-academic cooperation.


President Jongheon Kim said, "I would like to express my sincere gratitude to Kakao Pay for their generous support. We will use this development fund to foster talented individuals and to bridge the education gap."


Shin Won-geun, CEO of Kakao Pay, commented, "As the digital education gap deepens, we are delighted to collaborate with Kwangwoon University to provide education in areas with limited access to IT education. We will continue to actively engage in educational activities to ensure that no one is marginalized from technological innovation due to information disparities."


This agreement is part of Kakao Pay's collaborative program aiming at small business owners and financially marginalized groups, which has been ongoing since 2022. Through the cooperation between both institutions, Kwangwoon University is expected to contribute to social and environmental growth in line with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), encompassing not only IT underprivileged individuals but also members of the local community.