Enhancing Trace Aquatic Pollutant Removal with New Photocatalyst

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  • 2023-09-21
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Professor Jang Min's Research Team Develops Photo-ozone catalysts Enhancing Removal Efficiency of Trace Aquatic Pollutants

- Published in Applied Surface Science (JCR IF 6.7, Top in Materials Science (Coatings and Films), JCR Rank: 4.7% - 


(왼쪽부터) 김민지, 황건덕 박사후 연구원, 종초은 연구교수, 장민 교수

(From left to right) Kim Min-ji, Dr. Hwang Geon-deok, Postdoctoral Researcher, Research Professor Jong Cho-eun, Professor Jang Min


The research team led by Professor Jang Min (Department of Environmental Engineering) at Kwangwoon University, along with Master's student Kim Min-ji (first author), has successfully developed an enhanced photo-ozone catalyst and a visible light-ozone oxidation process for the effective removal of trace pollutants. 


Applied Surface Science (JCR IF 6.7, Materials Science (Coatings and Films) 분야 1위, JCR Rank: 4.7%) 과학전문지 게재

The research was supported by the Green Environment Support Center of the Ministry of Environment (2101040214), the National Research Foundation (2021R1A6A1A03038785, 2023R1A2C1003464), and the Kwangwoon University Internal Research Program in 2023. The research findings were published in the online edition of the scientific journal Applied Surface Science (IF: 6.7) on December 1, 2023, under the title "New insight into the visible-light-driven photoinduced electron transfer mechanism for ozone activation over defective sites of ceria for organic compounds destruction."


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