Revolutionizing Healthcare: Smart Glove for Tactile and ECG Monitoring

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  • 2023-09-21
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The Research Team of Prof. Park Jae-Young Develops a Smart Glove for Simultaneous Monitor Tactile and ECG Monitoring

- Developed a Smart Glove that can Monitor Temperature, Humidity, ECG, and Pressure in Real Time -

- Expected to Be Used as a Key Technology in Smart Medical/Healthcare, Robotics, Sports, and Defense Industries -

- Published as a Cover Article in the Internationally Renowned Journal ACS NANO -


Professor Park Jae-young's team (Department of Electronic Engineering) has successfully developed a flexible smart glove that can simultaneously detect and monitor various bio-signals of the human body, including ECG, temperature, humidity, and pressure stimuli in real-time. The team creatively designed the smart glove so that external deformation applied from multiple directions does not affect the performance of the sensors integrated in the smart glove and simplified the sensor structure design and process technology based on graphene (Laser-engraved Graphene (LEG) electrodes using CO2 laser engraving technology to test the possibility of mass production and commercialization.


<박재영 교수(좌)와 수딥 박사과정(우)>

< Professor Park Jae-young (Left) and Ph.D. student Sudeep (Right)>


This research was funded by the Ministry of Trade, Industry, and Energy through the Industrial Innovation Talent Growth Support Project (P0020967) and the Industrial Technology Innovation Project (RS-2022-00154983, Development of Self-powered Sensor Platform for Low-power Sensors and Actuators). The research findings were published as a cover paper in ACS NANO, the world-leading journal specialized in nanomaterials and components research, published by the American Chemical Society.


<다양한 촉각 및 심전도를 동시에 감지 및 실시간 모니터링할 수 있는 스마트글러브 구조 및 성능 시연>


< A demonstration of the smart glove's structure and performance, capable of simultaneously detecting and real-time monitoring various tactile and ECG signals>


광운대 박재영 교수팀 촉각 및 심전도 동시 모니터링 가능한 스마트글러브 개발