MIZYMAP Content Creators Recruitment

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  • 2023-05-15
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 Seoul Youth Center for Cultural Exchanges

‘MIZYMAP Concent Creators’Recruitment


1Program name: Map of Seoul International Exchange Activities


2. Program Duration: June to October 2023 (2 official offline activities and individual activities)

Orientation and lecture to be held in June, refer to the web poster for more details. 

3. Participation Fee: Free (activity fee provided)


4. Eligibility: Korean and foreign teenagers residing in Korea between the ages of 17 and 24.

5. Main programs: Selection of overseas cultural exchange locations within Seoul, exploration, and content creation.


Participation in a lecture by an Instagram photographer.

Selection of individual cultural activity locations and activities.

Instagram content creation and promotion.


6Benefits: Certificate of completion, activity fee provided.


7. Application Method: Fill out and submit the application form (link: or scan the QR code on the poster) by May 28th.


8. Cooperation: Posting recruitment posters online/offline.


9. Inquiries: Cultural Business Team, Han-na Lee,, or 070-4667-3783 


MIZYMAP Content Creators Recruitment