(Korean Laws) Compulsory Course for International Students Second Round

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  • 2022-11-29
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2022 Fall Semester

Compulsory Course for International Students (Korean Laws)

Second Round



 Important notice 

With the 2022 International Education Quality Assurance System (IEQAS), all undergraduate and graduate degree program international students are obliged to listen either online or offline lectures on Korean Laws.

During the first round, only about 17% of students completed the course. All 73% of students are haven’t watched the lectures must be complete the course in the second round.


1. Background and Purpose

- The IEQAS evaluation index for 2022 will include the completion of Korean Laws Education (passing standard: once per semester /60% completion rate). Students must complete this course every semester.

- Prepare for 2023 IEQAS and prevent crimes against international students


2. Who must participate

- Degree program international students (only undergraduate, graduate course), exchange students do NOT need to take this course

From the second semester of 2022, education on understanding Korean laws and education on preventing sexual violence will be conducted separately. (In the first semester of 2022, it was considered that the compulsory course on understanding Korean laws and Education on Preventing Sexual Violence was completed by watching only one video)

Students who attended the '광운인되기-Becoming Kwangwoonese' class on October 7, the scholarship system reform briefing session on November 2nd or November 17 Fellowship Night Event and signed the list of participants for the education on understanding Korean laws do not need to take the course since they have already completed it.


3. Education content

- Online / Offline lectures Crime Prevention Education for Foreigners provided by the Foreign Affairs Bureau of the Korean National Police Agency

- Contents of lectures: Domestic violence, child abuse, sexual violence, digital crime, fraud (voice phishing), traffic crime, gambling, drugs, exemption from notification of undocumented immigrants, and others.


4. Methods: Select online or offline course

 a. Online training

- Date: November 22nd, 2022 (Tue) - End date undecided

- KWMOOC site:

- Content: Choose a desired language and register for the video "언어별 2022 2학기 한국법령 이해교육 동영상 (Educational video for understanding Korean laws for the second semester of 2022)" uploaded on the KWMOOC site

* To apply for the online course, refer to the attached  file (On-line)2022-2학기 한국법령 이해 교육 매뉴얼(manual) 


b. Offline training

- Venue: Donghae Art Center Building, Room #121

- Date and time: You must choose ONE session among ten and attend the lecture only ONCE.






1 C*

November 28th (Mon) 10:00

7 C

December 1st (Thu) 10:00

2 V*

November 28th (Mon) 16:30

8 V

December 1st (Thu) 15:00

3 C

November 29th (Tue) 10:00

9 C

December 2nd (Fri) 10:00

4 V

November 29th (Tue) 15:00

10 V

December 2nd (Fri) 15:00

5 C

November 30th (Wed) 10:00



6 V

November 30th (Wed) 15:00



 * C - Chinese Subtitles        V - Vietnamese Subtitles


5. Additional Information

- Watching the video Crime Prevention Education for Foreigners is considered a completed education on preventing sexual violence and understanding Korean laws.

- In case of off-line course, please contact the MOOC Center at 02-940-5792 for system related inquiries.


 Inquiries: Office of International Affairs 02-940-5014



Office of International Affairs