2022 Fall Semester Career Bootcamp for International Students

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  • 2022-11-29
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2022 Fall Semester Career Bootcamp for International Students


1. Purpose

- Improve employability and provide substantial employment information to international students studying in Korea

- Inspire and increase individual job competitiveness of international students


2. Target

All foreign students attending Kwangwoon University (regardless of grade)

 Junior and senior students who are preparing for employment are strongly encouraged to apply. Freshmen and sophomore students are recommended to apply due to their employment preparation from junior years.


3.  Contents and dates of the lectures 






Practical Employment Strategies: Interview Techniques


November 22nd (Tue)

12:00 - 14:00

Hanwool-gwan, #B104

Jeon Eun-jung

Employment Mind-Up Course

Basic mindset for employment; Basic information on a career path; Person that companies want; Corporate culture characteristics of Korean companies; Student Career Roadmap (Major/Certificate/Company)

November 29th (Tue)




Dr. Hwang Gapseon

Resume/Self-Introduction/Interview Skills Course

Basic resume and cover letter writing; Korean resume writing: explanation & practice; Resume style for Korean companies; Employment plan writing (desired job/region/salary); Interview skills for Korean companies

November 30th (Wed)




Personalized Employment Special Course &

Employment Training and Company Etiquette Course

Find a job and provide information; Write your resume according to the type of company you are applying for; Mentoring in a job analysis and job resume writing; Interview Success Tips and Guidance Mentoring

Corporate life etiquette; Customer satisfaction; Business manners, etc.

December 1st (Thu)






4. How to apply

Application Period2022.11.21(Mon ) - 2022.12.1.(Thu )

   ※ On November 22 (Tue)only 10 people can take the lecture on practical employment strategies and interview techniques


- How to apply: Send an email to including information in the following format:

1) Your name and Department:

2) Student ID:

3) Which lectures you would like to attend: 

check the ○ (for attending) or ×(for NOT attending)

·        Practical Employment Strategies: Interview Techniques ( , × )

·        Employment Mind-Up Course ( , × )

·        Resume/Self-Introduction/Interview Skills Course ( , × )

·        Personalized Employment Special Course & Employment Training and Company Etiquette Course ( , × ) 



Inquiry: Office of International Affairs 02-940-5014 




Head of the OIF Department