2023 Spring Undergraduate Admission Guide for International Students

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2023 Spring Undergraduate Admission Guide for International Students


Refer to the following information provided by the Office of International Affairs regarding the admission of undergraduate foreign students and transfer students for the 2023 spring semester.


1. Qualifications  




Both applicant and parents must be non-Korean citizens



Completed (or expected to complete) 12 years primary and secondary education equivalent to Korean primary, middle, and high school education, in Korea or overseas

Transfer (2nd year)

Graduated from a junior college (2- or 3-year college) or completed one or more years of a 4-year regular college

(Completion of at least 25 credits)

Transfer (3rd year)

Graduated from a junior college (2- or 3-year college) or completed 2 years or more of a 4-year regular college

(Completion of at least 60 credits)

Korean Proficiency


Those who have enough Korean language skills to take undergraduate courses

Transfer (2nd or 3rd year)

Those who meet one of the following requirements:

·     TOPIK(Korean Proficiency Test)  level 3 or higher

·     Completion of level 3 or higher of the Korean Language Course at Kwangwoon University

·     Completion of level 3 or higher of the Korean language course at another university

·     Pass on Korean written test at Kwangwoon University


2. Admission Schedule  


1st Round

2nd Round


Online Application and Document Submission

09.28 (Wed) - 10.14 (Fri)

11.09 (Wed) - 11.25 (Fri)

Online Application (by 18:00 of the closing date)

온라인접수사이트 연결
Document submission:

  - Visit the office or send by post (can be accepted if received before the deadline)

Address: 20, Kwangwoon-ro, Donghae Arts Center, Office of International Affairs, Room #114

Nowon-gu, Seoul

South Korea


Admission Exam

10.26 (Wed)

12.07 (Wed)

Korean language exam

 Time and place to be announced

Final Admission Results Announcement

11.11 (Fri)

12.23 (Fri)

Notice on the homepage after 17:00


11.14 (Mon) -11.18 (Fri)

12.26 (Mon)-12.30 (Fri)

Tuition payment: Bank designated by university

Admission Letters

After 2023.01.04 (Wed)

After 2023.01.11 (Wed)


Student Orientation

Mid-February 2022

 Time and place to be announced

Semester Start Day

2023.03.02 (Thu)


 * The schedule above is subject to change due to circumstances within and outside the university


3. Academic Departments  




Electronics and Information Engineering

Electronics Engineering


Electronics and Communications Engineering


 Electronic Convergence Engineering


 Electric Engineering


Electronic Materials Engineering



Information Control, Intelligence System

Software and Convergence

Computer and Information Engineering

Computer Engineering, Smart Information Engineering


System Software, Artificial Intelligence

Information Convergence

Visual Technology, Data Science


Architectural Engineering


Chemical Engineering


Environmental Engineering


Architecture (5 years*)


Natural Sciences



Electronical & Biological Physics




Sports & Leisure Studies


Humanities and Social Sciences

Korean Language and Literature


English Language and Industry


Media and Communication

Media and Information, Digital Media, Strategic Communication

Industrial Psychology


Northeast Asia Cultural Industries

Cultural Exchange, Cultural Content Development

Policy and Law

Public Administration



General Law, International Law, Science and Technology Law

International Studies

International Area Studies, Global Korea


Business Administration

Business Administration

International Trade

Korea-Japan Trade, Korea-China Trade

* Only those transfer students, whose major is ‘Architecture’ can apply for the 2nd and 3rd year transfer admission to the Department of Architecture (5-year system)

* The introduction of the colleges and departments:


4. Documents for submission    






Application form

 Printed after online application (


Self-introduction and learning plan

 Printed after online application


Academic background inquiry agreement

 Printed after online application


Official high school graduation (or expected graduation) certificate


Transcript of all high school grades



Community College/University diploma (Certificate of Completion)



Certificate of academic credit for all grades in the community


 Translated notarized version (Korean or English language) must be submitted

 All grades and credits must be stated for the credits acknowledgment

(Application will not be accepted if credits are not stated)



Certificate on the highest level of education:

 Freshmen Admission: Education level certification on graduating high school

 Transfer Admission applicant: Education level

certification on graduating from community college/university

certification on graduating from community college/university

 (If the applicant is currently enrolled in college, high school

the diploma must be additionally submitted)


Applicants copy of passport


Alien registration card (copy of both front and back sides)

 Mandatory for submission, if the applicant has completed alien registration and is staying in Korea


Certificate of family relations

 Nationality other than China: birth certificate or

certificate of family relations

 Chinese Nationality: notarized translation of a copy of

family registry, family relationship certificate


Applicant and parents identification cards (internal passports)


Original certificate of Bank Statement with a balance of more than USD 20,000 (applicant or parent)

 Either of the following

- Korean bank balance certificate and transaction statement for the last 3 months (as of the date of application submission)
- Certificate of overseas bank balance (certificate valid until after the date of admission)


Certificate of Korean language proficiency

 Korean Proficiency Test (TOPIK) certificate

 Korean course certificate of completion (grades) and

attendance certificate (mandatory submission for D-4 visa



Application fee KRW 120,000

Must be paid when applying online (credit card payment or bank transfer)

 : Required, X: Not required, : Required only for an eligible applicant

 Original copy of all documents must be submitted as a general rule. Any document and application fee will not be refunded.

 Any document that is not in Korean or English languages must be submitted with a notarized Korean or English translation

 In addition to the above-mentioned documents, other documents might be required for submission if necessary

 Regarding certificates evidencing the highest level of education:

    Non-Chinese nationals: Submit the graduation certificate with an "Apostille Confirmation" issued by the government agency of the relevant country, or "Consular Confirmation" or "Overseas Educational Institution Confirmation" from the Korean consulate in the relevant country.


 - Chinese nationality

1)   General High School: Submit a certificate (in English) regarding graduation received from CHSI (

2)   Vocational High Schools








 Regular Specialized Secondary Schools

   Notarized translation of graduation certificate issued by local education authorities, confirmed by the Korean consulate in China Confirmation of school information

   Confirmation of graduation certificate issued by the school (Province Office of Education (City Education Bureau)) Notarized translation Confirmed by the Korean Consulate in China Confirmation of school information


  Vocational High Schools

Adult Specialized

Secondary Schools

  Skilled Workers Schools

Official website of the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security (  Confirmation by the Korean Consulate in China

  * Recognized only when authenticity can be verified online.


Other accredited high schools

(Schools not included in the above schools (international high school, art high school, etc.))

Notarized translation of graduation certificate issued by the school, confirmed by the Korean consulate in China. Establishment Permit (Certificate of business unit law or license for private board school). Copies must be submitted (however, only academic education courses are accepted, notarization is required).


 *  Confirmation of the school information form: Kwangwoon University Office of International Affairs website ( > 자료실 > 각종 양식 > Check forms

 * It takes about 30 days to issue a certificate, so please apply and prepare in advance.

 * The submitted certificate will not be returned, and the applicant must prepare the necessary documents for issuance or change of visa.


5. Application path


Application step

Application guidelines

General Application

 Document Screening & Admission Exam

 Document Screening &  Korean language proficiency exam

 The written exam tests Korean language proficiency (TOPIK level 3). Students who have TOPIK level 3 or higher or who have completed Level 4 (Intermediate 2) or higher of the Korean language course at the university are exempted from the written test.

 Those who fail to pass the written exam after passing document screening can be admitted conditionally if they wish

Conditional Application

Document Screening

 Conditionally admitted applicants must register for Korean language courses offered by the Kwangwoon Center of Korean Language and Culture. Conditionally admitted students can start undergraduate course from the next semester if he or she submits a certificate of TOPIK level 3 (level 4 for transfer to the 3rd year) or higher or complete the Intermediate 2 (Advanced 1 for transfer to the 3rd year) from Kwangwoon Center of Korean Language and Culture

 The period for conditional acceptance cannot exceed 2 years

 Applicants who have passed conditionally cannot change their status of residence to Study Abroad (D-2)

 Admission may be revoked if the applicant is unable to stay in Korea legally due to the change of visa status or failure to obtain a visa extension

* Even if you do not have proficiency in Korean, you can apply for an undergraduate degree through conditional admission. 


6. Selection criteria

  A. General criteria

   - In case of a no-show in written examination, the applicant will be rejected.

   - Applicants who do not meet the qualifications for application will be rejected regardless of their grades, and if found later, admission will be canceled.

  B. Criteria for selection of successful candidates

   - Only those who have passed the document screening and written test will be selected.

   - Among those who pass the written test (including those who are exempted), a certain number of people will be selected in order of who has the advantage in document verification scores, who has the advantage at the TOPIK level, and the score of the written test.

   - Applicants with insufficient academic performance will not be selected regardless of the number of applicants.


7. Notes for applicants

  A. If the information on the submitted documents is proved to be false or passed through other fraudulent methods, admission is canceled, and if such facts are found after admission, admission may be canceled even while in school.

  B. Documents to be submitted are not returned to the applicant, and documents required for visa issuance or change must be prepared by the applicant himself/herself.

  C. Applicants are responsible for any disadvantages incurred by the applicants due to incorrect information on the application form.

  D. For the screening period stated in the admissions application, the applicant must provide valid contact information, and the applicant is responsible for any disadvantages incurred if contact is lost due to an incorrect or changed phone number and address.

 E. Among the final successful candidates, those who are expected to graduate or who are expected to complete the final exam must submit their graduation or completion certificate to the Office of International Affairs by August 12, 2022 (Fri).



8. Application reception desk operation   

 A. Location: Donghae Arts Center, Room #114

 B. Time: 09:00-17:30

 C. Other info: Refer to the attached file


9. University introduction video

  - Kwangwoon University Global YouTube Channel (, Korean, Vietnamese, Russian, English, Chinese, Japanese languages


     홍보영상 연결


10. For more information, please check the application guidelines from the attachment or contact Office of International Affairs, Donghae Arts Center., Room # 114 ( 02-940-5016, 5308)



Office of International Affairs