[Recruit] Korean Language Tutoring for International Students

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  • 2021-10-14
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Korean Language Tutoring for International Students


1. Program Overview: A program where a Korean student (tutor) will help a foreign student to improve their Korean language skills.


2. Eligibility: International student enrolled in undergraduate degree


3. Tutoring Method

   1) Tutors (Korean students) are selected and assigned to international students by Institute of International Education

   2) Study Contents: Learning using textbooks related to Korean language and courses taken by a foreign student.

   3) Time and place can be decided by discussing with the tutor whether it is offline or online (ZOOM/Webex/Social Media Platform)


4. Responsibilities as a Tutee (International student)

   1) Active efforts shall be made to ensure that 16 hours of tutoring is completed during the specified period.

   2) Tutee must be punctual about the study time set by the discussion with tutor in charge of the study guidance.


5. Registration

  1) Online registration URL

  2) Period: 2021.10.13.(Wed) 09:00 ~ 10.22(Fri) 16:00

  3) Quota: 32 students (First come, first served)

  4) Selection announcement: 2021.10.25.(Mon) 14:00 Individual contact and KWU website notice board.


6. Inquiries: Kwangwoon Institute of International Education (02-940-5307, Person-in-charge: Sim Sangmin)