Concentration Selection Guide for Undergraduate Students

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  • 2021-10-13
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Concentration Selection Guide for Undergraduate Students


The concentration selection guide for undergraduate students (freshmen) for the academic year 2021 are as follows:


1. Eligible students: Freshmen undergraduate students admitted in 2021 academic year. (573 students)

  (Division of Robotics, School of Computer and Information Engineering, School of Software, School of Information Convergence, School of Media and Communication, Division of Northeast Asia Cultural Industries, Division of Law)


2. Concentration selection period

   A. Round 1 selection: 2021.11.01.(Mon) ~ 11.05(Fri)

   B. Round 1 selection result announcement: 2021.11.10.(Wed)

   C. Round 2 selection and correction: 2021.11.29.(Mon) ~ 12.03(Fri)

   D. Final selection result announcement: 2021.12.27.(Mon)


3. Concentration selection method

   KWU website ⇒ KLAS login ⇒ 「대학생활」「학적관리」「세부전공 선택」실시


4. Department, Major and Concentrations




College of Electronics & Communications Engineering

Division of Robotics

-Information Control

-Intelligence System

College of Software & Convergence

School of Computer and Information Engineering

-Computer Engineering

- Intelligent Information Engineering

School of Software


-Artificial Intelligence

School of Information Convergence

-Visual Technology

-Data Science

College of Humanities & Social Sciences

School of Media and Communication

-Media and Entertainment

-Interactive Media Communication

-Strategic Communication

Division of Northeast Asia Cultural Industries

-Cultural Exchange

-Cultural Content Development

College of Public Policy & Law

Division of Law

-General Law

-International Law

-Science and Technology Law


5. Note: The following faculties are single majors and are allotted by the Education Support Team without a major selection process.  

- Eligible majors and number of students -> Total 310 (Faculty of Business Administration 186, Faculty of International Trade 94, Faculty of International Studies 30)


6. Inquiries: Education Support Team ( 02-940-5021~4)