Central Library: Change of Operation Hours (Oct. 12 Update)

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  • 2021-10-12
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Central Library: Change of Operation Hours (Oct. 12? Update)



·         Period: 2021.10.12 (Tue) ~ Until further announcement

·         Entrance permitted to: All campus members

·         Operation facilities and hours:



Operation Hours

Reading Room 1-3, Open Reading Room and Archives (Nature/Humanities)

(Seat allocation limit from 30%-50%)

Open hours: 09:00~22:00

Weekends and public holidays: Closed

Screen Room, Multimedia Zone, User Training Room, Private Meeting Rooms and other facilities (sofa, benches, etc.)                  



·         Strict rules applied throughout the library

a. Entrance/exit through only Lobby floor and 1st floor (Restricted to two entrance gates)

b. Mask check, Fever check (Restrictions on access above 37.5 degrees)

c. Use reading rooms after reserving though KIOSK or mobile app

d. Do not talk and always wear a mask inside reading room (Frequent checks)

e. No outsiders (Local residents, other university students, etc.)