‘Breakfast for 1000 Won' Campaign

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  • 2021-09-02
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Office of International Affairs’ Public Relations Team along with Ministry of Agriculture Food and Rural Affairs' Food Education and Culture Information will start the 1,000 won breakfast project from September 2021 to encourage students to eat breakfast and promote a healthy donation culture. We ask for your interest and participation.


1. Business Name: Breakfast for 1000 Won

2. Details: Provide breakfast for 1000 won in Bokji Bld. 3F Student Cafeteria (For 100 people a day, first-come first-served)

3. Period: 2021.09.01.(Wed)~11.30(Tue) 09:00~10:00, 62 days (Excluding weekends and holidays)

4. Inquiries: Office of International Affairs PR Team (02-940-5505)