[The Digital Times] Interview With President of Kwangwoon University

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  • 2021-06-09
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"University competitiveness is national competitiveness..."



President Yoo Ji-sang. Copyright: The Digital TImes


He was an indefatigable scientist. There are signs of deep contemplation over the overall national science and technology, including how the video signal processing, which is his major field, will lead to innovation in which he meets with AI (Artificial Intelligence), why basic science is important in the new normal era, how he can make national R&D (R&D) budget worth 27 trillion won, and how the role of universities after COVID-19, changes in the educational system, and new talent awards in the digital transformation era will be made.

In a recent interview with the magazine, Kwangwoon University President Yoo Ji-sang gave insight into various problems facing our science and technology community and universities. Yoo is a professor and scientist who majored in electronic engineering. Since taking office as president in 2018, he has been a field commander of Kwangwoon University, a national ICT specialized university, for the past three years, and is busy developing sustainable growth engines by leading changes and innovations in the campus during the COVID-19 crisis. In particular, he is tightening the string of innovation with a desperate feeling of pioneering a new path that he has never been before.

"In order for universities to survive in the post-COVID era, there is nothing but 'innovation'," President Yoo said firmly. He went on to say, "The basic role of universities after the post-COVID era will not change, but there will be significant changes in the traditional teaching methods and educational content to nurture competent talents in the new era. We need to open a breakthrough in survival through innovation for universities as well."

He expressed that the role of universities in terms of national science and technology competitiveness will be more emphasized. President Yoo said, "The national leader should recognize that the competitiveness of universities is the national competitiveness, and that there is no future for a country that does not compete in science and technology." He added, "To do this, we need to support new researchers, including master's and doctorate workers in universities, to make inroads into the society as a whole and demonstrate their superior capabilities, and further expand bold and continued investment in basic science."


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