Kwangwoon University Selected as the 2020 IEQAS Accredited University

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  • 2021-02-22
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Kwangwoon University Selected as the 2020 IEQAS Accredited University


Kwangwoon University has been selected as an accredited university with the International Education Quality Assurance System (IEQAS) administered by the Ministry of Education.


The 'Education Internationalization Competency Certification System' aims to enhance the international credibility of higher education and international competitiveness. It is a system certified by the Ministry of Education. Assessment criteria includes illegal stay rate of international students, internationalization business plan and infrastructure (organization/budget), dropout rate, language ability, tuition burden rate, medical insurance subscription rate, and study and living support for international students.


In this assessment, our university has obtained certification by meeting all compulsory criteria, key conditional criteria and international support index criteria. The certification is valid for two years until February 2023.


This certification will benefit from the Global Korea Scholarship (GKS) selection program, the liberalization of the selection of foreign students, and government financial support projects related to foreign students, and additional points are also received from internationalization-related financial support projects such as university specialization projects. It is announced in the Ministry of Education's official “Comprehensive Study in Korea System,” which is introduced in 11 languages, and is presented to foreign students and foreign governments as guidelines for studying abroad.


Kim Ye-ran, Dean of Office of International Affairs, said, “It is the result of the efforts of Kwangwoon University members to increase the competitiveness of university internationalization in the difficult situation caused by COVID-19.” She added, “We will also try to expand exchanges with major universities.”