[Hot Issue] ‘2020 University Innovation Project Performance Presentation Symposium’ Completed

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  • 2020-12-29
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‘2020 University Innovation Project Performance Presentation Symposium’ Completed

- University innovation to find a way forward for universities in the COVID-19 era


The '2020 University Innovation Project Performance Presentation Symposium' held at 1 pm on December 10 (Fri) in the high-tech lecture room at Hwado Building at Kwangwoon University was successfully completed. 


In this symposium, Professor Sung Tae-yoon (economics department of Yonsei University) conducted the "Post Corona Era, Innovation of the University Education Paradigm" as a keynote lecture.



Professor Sung said, “The acceleration of digital transformation accelerated by COVID-19 has a great impact on university education.” He added, “In this trend, we the education field focuses on the consumer, contemplating how to satisfy the needs of the consumer. This is more important than anything else.” “In COVID-19 era, digital transformation can provide high-quality education to the majority, and through this, it seems that educational inequality can be resolved, but it is important to first address problems such as digital equipment and educational spaces.” Finally, he added, “Now, universities will not only focus on a specific field, but will decide whether to develop in the future depending on how they can create a network effect through educational content.”


In the subsequent case presentation, Professor Lim Yeon-Kyu, University’s Education Innovation Institute, announced the case of ’Improving the competency-based curriculum of Kwangwoon University and establishing educational performance management system.’ Yoon Jae-woo and Lee Jung-yoon’s (Department of Media and Communications) ‘122,609 Taeguoukgi to be found through a campaign to the public beyond Kwangwoon’ was also successfully held. It was followed by ‘Achievements and improvement direction for the operations of Chambit Design semester,” by Seok-jae Jeong, Vice President of the University Innovation Project, and ‘A case of successful online education in the pandemic era,’ by Shim Kyung-yong, Deputy Director of Kwangwoon MOOC Center.



President Yoo Ji-sang said, “The university innovation project is a very important project to cultivate suture creative talents through strengthening the university’s basic competencies and autonomous innovation of the university.” He added, “We have been carrying out detailed programs for education, industry-academia cooperation and research through various education programs.”


On the other hand, the event was held through live YouTube broadcast to prevent the spread of COVID-19.