Facility Reservation Information

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Facility Availability





Opening Hours


Opening Period


Futsal Court


·                  08:00 ~ 20:30


Open during semester and


school breaks


Basketball Court


·                  09:00 ~ 19:30


Bokji Building


Student Cafeteria


·  During the semester 19:00 ~ 21:30


·  During the vacation 15:00 ~ 21:30


·  Weekends (public holidays) 09:00 ~ 21:30




Reservation Rules and Precautions

 Users of sports facilities must be cautious about slippage that may occur on the futsal and basketball courts during the rain. Users should be equipped with safety gear in order to protect against the accidents that may occur in the facility.

 The futsal court/basketball court/Bokji Building Student Cafeteria should only be used during permitted times with the number of people registered. (Outside food and liquor is not allowed inside the Bokji Building Student Cafeteria).

 Reservation of the futsal court and basketball court is not allowed for activities than sports.

 Futsal boots and basketball shoes (including sneakers) are mandatory inside the Futsal Court and Basketball Court respectively.

 University is not liable for any accidents that occur in Futsal and Basketball Court.

 If the exact name of the applicant or a group (student council, group and club) is not listed when reserving a facility, the reservation may be cancelled without any notice to the applicant.

 If the contact information of the applicant is invalid, the reservation may be cancelled without any notice to the applicant.

 People who do not submit the reservation application to the Student Welfare Team two days prior to use or using the facility without permission with be penalized (such as ban on using the facility for a certain period).

 If the users of the facility throw garbage, bring food/alcoholic liquor and illegally park at the futsal court, basketball court, Bokji Building Student Cafeteria or Kwangwoon Electronics Technical High School, then they will be penalized (suck as being unable to reserve in the future and banned from using facilities for a certain period)

In the event of noise affecting local residents (rest or sleep disturbances) and classes, you may have to leave the space (futsal and basketball courts).

Reservation Procedure

A. University homepage (Korean version) -> KW-LIFE -> 복지 편의시설[장소사용 신청(신청)안내] -> click ‘사용 신청하기’ on the bottom of the page.

B. u-Campus login.

C. Reservation site will appear -> Write the place you want to reserve -> Read the notice -> Click 'register' button.

D. Visit the office of the Student Welfare Team (Bokji Building, Room no. 202) two days prior to the date of use, check the contents of the application, fill out and submit the final application. -> Space permit issuance and receipt.

E. Cancellation can be made three days prior to the use date in your reservation status inquiry. 



Other Notes


A. Reservation is only available for departments (including small groups), club organizations. Individuals and external organizations (institutions) are not allowed to reserve.

B. The facilities can be reserved up to five days per department (including small meetings) (in one month and twice per day) and up to three days per club (twice per club) (only during the first application period).

1) Bokji Building Student Cafeteria is only available to reserve one time a day (only one group per day).

2) During the second application period, reservation is open to departments and clubs without any restrictions.

3) Larger groups of departments and clubs will be prioritized over smaller groups of departments and clubs.

C. Cancellation should be made three days prior to the reserved date. If you do not show up on the reserved date, then you may be penalized.

D. The use of the futsal and basketball courts for sports related classes will be prioritized.

E. In the case of university events, construction or other unavoidable circumstances, reservations will be automatically cancelled without prior notice to the applicant.