Department of Information Contents (evening program)

Location : Rm.811-1, Ogui Hall

Tel : 82-2-940-5242, 5097, 5201

Fax : 82-2-942-0108

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Educational Objectives

To produce information (& data) processing specialists who are increasingly demanded with growing adoption and management of information systems in our society, to train information protection professionals who can solve various information-related problems and to produce well-rounded content and information professionals who can plan, develop and utilize content by integrating their theoretical and practical knowledge in IT as well as their accumulated humanistic knowledge of arts, culture, education and tourism, the Department of Information Contents of Kwangwoon University’s College of Natural Sciences has developed the following educational objectives :

1. To train students who are aimed at finding new career opportunities in the information industry to become information and information security specialists who are equipped with practical skills
2. To produce creative content specialists who can integrate information technology with their humanistic knowledge in arts, culture, education and tourism
3. To produce new intellectuals who are equipped with global competiveness and global knowledge

Majors and Studies

The Department of Information Contents was newly opened in 2013 as an evening program for individuals working full- and part-time in diverse fields and it offers various IT-based content majors.

Information Industry/Information Security Major

The students learn theoretical knowledge and practical skills required for introducing information systems, developing informatization policies, providing optimized services for managing and processing information systems as well as for auditing and secure management of information systems.

Game Content Major

The students learn about graphics, programming, game theories and ICT-based game development.

Tourism Content Major

The students learn to plan, develop and produce film, visual art, animation, advertisement and promotional content for cultural, tourism and integrated content industries.