Division of Robotics(Information Control, Intelligence System)

The Division of Robotics encourages its students to “develop creativity through balanced acquisition of hardware and software knowledge”. To this end, the Division operates on a system called ‘Quad System’ which promotes balanced learning of English, mathematics, major theories and practical courses. Through this system, the Division aims to offer knowledge more effectively and systematically, and ultimately produce globally competitive engineers, engineers who can work in diverse fields and skilled professionals who can lead the robotics industry and contribute to the national development. Kwangwoon University’s Division of Robotics also conducts research on various robotics areas, convergence IT and other relevant advanced technologies.

Location : Rm.321, Nuri Hall

Tel : 82-2-940-5150

Website : http://cni.kw.ac.kr/


Department of Robotics
Name Position Email
Hwang Cho Professor robot@kw.ac.kr
Jin-oh Kim Professor jokim@kw.ac.kr
Ik Choi Professor ickchoy@kw.ac.kr
Yong-hoon Choi Professor yhchoi@kw.ac.kr
Kwang-hyun Park Professor akaii@kw.ac.kr
Moon-ho Chung Professor mhjeong@kw.ac.kr
Ill-woo Park Associate Professor mrquick@kw.ac.kr
Ju-hoon Back Professor backhoon@kw.ac.kr
Woo-sung Yang Associate Professor dreamrize@kw.ac.kr