Division of International Trade (Korea-Japan Trade Major, Korea-China Trade Major)

The Division of International Trade was newly established in 2008 by combining the Department of International Trade, Department of Chinese Studies and Department of Japanese Studies. It consists of two majors, Korea-China Trade Major and Korea-Japan Trade Major.

Location : Rm.223, Hanul Hall

Tel : 82-2-940-5320

Fax : 82-2-940-5329

Educational Objectives

  1. 1. To produce global business leaders equipped with global communication skills
  2. 2. To produce individuals who can lead the Northeast Asian trade industries
    More specifically, the Division of International Trade aims to produce competent and open-minded individuals who can analyze, develop and expand global markets with their English, China or Japanese language abilities as well as theoretical knowledge and practical experience in international economy, international business management and international trade.
    Also, the Division is focused on producing talented individuals who have deep knowledge in Northeast Asian regions and the trades in those regions. To this end, the Division offers a practical curriculum divided in 3 sections; basic theoretical courses in global economy and corporation, practical courses on international trade and lastly, advanced regions studies on Korea, Chinese, Japanese economy and industries.

Majors and Studies

The students in Korea-Japan Trade Major will cultivate English and Japanese language skills, learn basic theories related to economy and trade, carry out advanced and in-depth research on Korean and Japanese regions and ultimately, get to equip themselves with insights and practical business skills for Korea-Japan trade.