Academic Calendar

Spring Semester Academic Affairs Fall Semester
Feb 19(Mon) - 28(Wed) Enrollment for Spring/Fall 2018 Aug 16(Thu) - 24(Fri)
Feb 1(Thu) - 28(Wed) Application for return from leave of absence Aug 6(Mon) - 24(Fri)
Feb 7(Wed) - 9(Fri) Application for in-depth/double/minor major Aug 9(Thu) -10(Fri)
Feb 8(Thu) - 13(Tue) Class registration for Spring/Fall 2018 Aug 16(Thu) - 22(Wed)
Mar 5(Mon) Spring/Fall 2018 start Aug 27(Mon)
Mar 30(Fri) 1/4 of Spring/Fall semester Sep 21(Fri)
Apr 16(Mon) - 20(Fri) Mid-term exam Oct 15(Mon) - 19(Fri)
Apr 16(Mon) - 27(Fri) Lecture evaluation (Mid-term) Oct 15(Mon) - 26(Fri)
Apr 25(Wed) 1/2 of Spring/Fall semester Oct 17(Wed)
May 16(Wed) - 25(Fri) Examination for graduation Nov 5(Mon) - 9(Fri)
May 16(Wed) - 18(Fri) Sports event and festival Sep 19(Wed) - 21(Fri)
May 20(Sun) KWU Foundation Day -
May 23(Wed) - 25(Fri) Class registration for Summer/Winter session 2018 Nov 28(Wed) - Nov 30(Fri)
Jun 4(Mon) - 15(Fri) Lecture evaluation (Final), Scholarship application Nov 26(Mon) - Dec 7(Fri)
Jun 11(Mon) - 15(Fri) Final exam Dec 3(Mon) - 7(Fri)
Jun 25(Mon) - Jul 18(Wed) Summer/Winter session 2018 Dec 17(Mon) - Jan 9(Wed) 2019
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