Graduate Admission

Graduate Degrees and Programs

Graduate Degrees and Programs
College Department of Course
Master Doctorate Combined
Engineering Electronic Engineering
Electronics and Communications Engineering
Electrical Engineering
Electronic Materials Engineering
Computer Engineering
Chemical Engineering
Environmental Engineering
Architectural Engineering
Radio Sciences Engineering
Computer Science
Natural Science Electrical & Biological Physics
Humanities and Social Science Business Administration
International Trade
Public Administration
Korean Language and Literature
English Language and Literature
Management Information System
Industrial Psychology
International Area Studies
Culture Industry
Sub total 26 departments
Inter-departmental courses Plasma-Bio Display
Urban Planning & Real Estate - -
Defense Acquisition Program -
Construction Legal Affairs - -
Education - -
Disaster Safety Engineering
Intelligent Information System and Embedded SW Engineering - -
Sub total 8 departments

Lectures in English available

  • Contractual Department : Holography 3D Contents
  • Some departments may not recruit international students.


Non-Korean citizens who have graduated or are going to graduate from university in a foreign country or in Korea.

Master Courses

Students who have gained Bachelor’s degree or such candidates either home or abroad

Doctorate Courses

Students who have gained Master’s degree or such candidates either home or abroad.

Combine Courses for M.A. and PhD Courses

Same as the qualifications for the Master Courses.


Documents screening and oral tests


General Standards

  • Applicants who fail to take oral tests will be denied admission.
  • Applicants who fail to meet the required qualifications will be denied admission regardless of their test scores.

Criteria for Admissions

  • Based on the rank of the total score they gain, admission will be offered to a certain number of applicants among those who have passed documents screening and oral tests. Financial status and capability is also taken into consideration.
  • Admission will be denied to students who show underperformance in academic achievement.
  • If an applicant resides in a foreign country, a conditional admission can be granted to the applicant through document screening. Final admission will be offered only after the applicant visits the school and pass the oral tests at least two weeks before the semester begins.

Application Timelines

Application Timelines
Application Process First Second Remarks
Submission * We have no opening for fall 2019, please apply for spring 2020*
Admission Decisions
  • Registration

    Required Documents

    • Application for Admission download
    • KWU application
      3 pictures, same as the picture attached to the application, are needed.
    • Personal statement and Study plan (1-2 pages)
    • Diploma(Undergraduate, or expected graduation certificate) with Notarized Certificate
      • Master’s degree applicant : Undergraduate Transcript
      • Doctorate degree applicant : Transcript of Undergraduate and Graduate school
      • Applicants who present expected graduation certificates must provide actual diploma before opening of the first semester. If not, admission will be cancelled.
    • Transcripts
      Transfer students need to translate their transcripts in Korean or English.

      Notarized Certificate of Diploma: An Apostille or an official endorsement from the applicant's country embassy (with notarization marks printed on the transcript)

    • Release of Information Form
    • Copy of an applicant’s passport
    • Family registration certificate issued by the governmental offices and each family members’ identification card.
    • Financial certificate(The financial guarantor's certificate of bank deposit over USD 20,000)
    • Attendance and Transcript Certificate of Korean Process(Only suitable student)
    • Application fee : KRW 60,000

    Notes for Applicants

    • Once application form and documents are submitted, it is not allowed to cancel the application or make modifications. Once submitted, all documents shall not be returned and application fees shall not be refundable.
    • An offer of admission will be canceled or even enrollment will be revoked, if any information contained in the document is found invalid or does not accurately represent the applicant’s qualifications.
      (Tuition will not be refundable.)
    • Applicants who graduated from a university(or graduate school) in a foreign country must report/record the place of the university. (for search purposes)
    • Evaluations for document screening and oral test scores are not announced nor reported.
    • Any other requirements not stated in this admission guides will be determined by KWU Admission Committee.

    Financial aid

    50% of the tuition can be supported per semester to international students during regular semesters.

    Application Submission

    • Application form: download the form at to admission
    • Applicants are required to visit KWU and submit their application form and documents in PERSON
      (Room 111, Munhwa Hall, Office of International Affairs, Kwangwoon University)
    • Submission via mail

      Room 111, Munhwa Hall, Office of international Affairs
      Kwangwoon University, Kwangwoon ro 20, Nowon-gu,
      Seoul, 01897, Republic of Korea

    Visa Issuance

    • Visa status for stay: D-2
    • Visa application: Korean embassies or diplomatic and consular offices
      In case of application for other certificates required for visa issuance: an immigration office within their district.
    • Required Documents
      A copy of diploma (latest) and a copy of standardized certificate of admission (available at Offce of International Affiars)


    For more information, please contact Graduate School Admission Team at 

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