Undergraduate Admission

Admission Schedule

Admission Schedule
Categories 2019 Spring Semester
2019 Spring Semester
Online Application & Document Submission 15 ~ 26 Oct. 2018 19 ~ 30 Nov. 2018
  • Online Application
  • Submit required documents after online application to Office of International Affairs, Kwangwoon University, 20 Kwangwoon-ro, Nowon-gu, Seoul 01897, Korea
Announcement of Document Screening 2 Nov. 2018 7 Dec. 2018
Admission Exam 7 Nov. 2018 12 Dec. 2018 written test for Korean language Proficiency
Announcement of Admission Result 16 Nov. 2018 21 Dec. 2018
Registration 19 ~ 23 Nov. 2018 24 ~ 27 Dec. 2018 Tuition & fees should be paid to the designated university account.
Student Orientation mid of Feb. 2019(TBA) Placement test for Korean language Proficiency
Semester Start 4 Mar. 2019


College Academic Department Major
Electronics and Information Engineering Electronic Engineering
Electronics and Communications Engineering
Electronics Convergence Engineering
Electrical Engineering
Electronic Material Engineering
  • Information and Control
  • Intelligent System
Software and Convergence Computer and Information Engineering
  • Computer Engineering
  • Information Engineering
  • System Software
  • Application Software
Information Convergence
  • Contents Technology
  • Data Science
Engineering Architecture(5 years)*
Architectural Engineering(4 years)
Chemical Engineering
Environmental Engineering
Natural Sciences Mathematics
Electronical & Biological Physics
Humanities and Social Sciences Korean Language and Literature
English Language and Industry
Media and Communication
  • Media and Information
  • Digital Media
  • Strategic Communication
Industrial Psychology
Northeast Asian Cultural Industries
  • Cultural Exchange
  • Cultural Contents
Policy and Law Public Administration
  • General Law
  • International Legal
  • Science and Technology Law
International Studies
  • Area Studies
Business Business Administration
  • Business Administration
International Trade
  • International Trade

* Spring semester admission only


Categories Remarks
  • Both Applicant and parents must be non-Korean citizens.
  • Applicant should not have dual nationality.
Education Freshmen Admission Applicant must have completed to complete primary and secondary education at the time of application or prospective graduate.
Transfer Admission

Applicant must meet one of below conditions;

  • Sophomore Transfer
    a) Was enrolled in a 4-year university for more than 1 year(two semesters)
    b) Was enrolled in a 2(3)-year community college and received or is expected to receive a degree
  • Junior Transfer
    a) Was enrolled in a 4-year university for more than 2 year(four semesters)
    b) Was enrolled in a 2(3)-year community college and received or is expected to receive a degree
Korean Proficiency
  • General Application : Applicant whose Korean proficiency is qualified to attend undergraduate classes
  • Conditional Application : Applicant who is not qualified for General Application

Selection Process

Selection Process
Categories Selection Process Remarks
General Application 1ST Step : Document Screening
2nd Step : Written exam
  • Applicant who passes document screening (1ST step) can take written exam(2nd step).
  • Written exam is to test applicant’s Korean proficiency.
  • Either submission of a certificate of TOPIK level 3 (or higher) or on condition of completion of level 4 course at Kwangwoon Center for Korean Language and Culture will be exempt from written exam.
  • Applicant who failed the written exam after passing document screening can be admitted conditionally if he or she wishes.
Conditional Application Document Screening
  • Applicant who is conditional admitted should register Korean language course offered from Kwangwoon Center for Korean Language and Culture.
  • Conditionally admitted student can start undergraduate course from next semester if he or she meets one of following conditions;
    1) obtains a certificate of TOPIK level 3 or above
    2) completes Level 4 course from Kwangwoon Center for Korean Language and Culture
  • Grace period can not exceed 1 year.
  • Conditionally admitted student can not change his or her visa to D-2.
  • Admission can be cancelled if applicant is unable to stay in Korea legally due to change of visa status or failure to visa extension.

* Conditional Application is open for undergraduate applicants without Korean proficiency3.

Required Application Materials

Required Application Materials
No Documents Remarks
1 Application Form
  • 1 picture(4*5cm)
2 Statement of Purpose http://iphak.kw.ac.kr   download
  • Official high school transcript and diploma(or expected date of graduation)
  • Diploma(or completion certificate) and transcript of previously attending university or college
  • Notarized Certificate of Diploma
Applicant for undergraduate transfer courses should accompany Korean or English translation for all the documents.
4 Official authorization for inquiry into enrollment and academic credit http://iphak.kw.ac.kr   download
5 A copy of applicant's passport and Alien Registration Card(if available)
6 A legal, state-issued certificate of family registry, which verifies applicant's family relationship, Copy of an applicant’s and each family member’s identification card
7 Certificate of Bank Statement
  • Attach applicant's or sponsor's bank statement indicating minimum deposit of USD 20,000
  • Amount deposit should be remained until semester starts.
8 Korean proficiency document (If available)
  • Certificate of TOPIK score
  • Certificate of Completion and Transcript for Korean language course
9 Application fee of KRW 120,000
  • All documents should be original hard copies and submitted documents and application fee will not be returned.
  • Notarized Certificate of Diploma should be an Apostille or an official endorsement from the applicant's country embassy
    (with notarization marks printed on the diploma and transcripts)
  • If it is found that the accepted documents are false, the student’s admission can be cancelled.

Tuition fee

* Tuition fee for each academic year may be subjected to change.

Tuition fee
Colleges Admission Fee
(1st semester only)
Tuition(per semester)
Electronics & Information Engineering, Software and Convergence, Engineering KRW 648,000(USD 577) KRW 4,266,000(USD 3,560)
Natural Sciences, Communication Arts KRW 3,753,000(USD 3,130)
Northeast Asian Cultural Industries,International Studies KRW 3,630,000(USD 3,030)
Business KRW 3,432,000(USD 2,860)
Humanities and Social Sciences, Policy and Law KRW 3,244,000(USD 2,700)


1st semester

Scholarships 1st semester
Classification Benefit
  • Applicant from Kwangwoon Center for Korean Language and Culture
  • Applicant from sister universities in foreign countries
60% of tuition fee waived
Applicant who does not meet above conditions 50% of tuition fee waived

After 1st semester

Scholarships After 1st semester
GPA Benefit
over 4.0 100% of tuition fee waived
over 3.5 70% of tuition fee waived
over 3.0 50% of tuition fee waived
over 2.5 30% of tuition fee waived


  • If it is proved that accepted documents have been forged or illegally altered, admission will be revoked even in attendance at university.
  • Any disadvantages due to typos of the completed application form will be responsible for the applicant himself/herself.
  • Contact information on the application form should be contactable during the examination period.
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